Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Freezer Cooking Day 1 - Shredded Chicken

I started out the morning by putting 10 pounds of chicken leg quarters into two crock pots:

...5 hours later, they are falling apart:

...I shredded the meat from the bones and skin in a separate dish:

...leg quarters have a few bones you need to beware of, especially the sharp one from the drumstick:

Once I had all the meat off the bones, I put a quart size freezer storage bag into a wide mouth canning jar (I'm not the most graceful person so if I didn't do this, the chicken would have ended up in the floor!) I tried to put about 1-1/2 cups into the bag (but I didn't measure it, I just eyeballed it.):

I ended up with 7 quart size bags for this month's meals:

But I didn't stop with the chicken meat, I put all the bones, skin and chicken juices into one crock pot and added 4 cups of water. I learned this technique from Gayle at Grocery Cart Challenge.

...then 4 hours later (on high) I strained the bones and not-so-edible parts:

...skimmed the fat off the top:

...poured them into freezer storage containers (I get these at my local hardware/paper supply store 10pk/$3.75). After they have frozen, I'll scrape the excess fat off the top. Then they'll be ready for soups and casseroles:

PHEW!!! I'm pooped!

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