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Stockpiling: Last Minute Gifts?

This is Part IV in a series on Stockpiling solutions: Last Minute Gifts? Blessings of stockpiling. (You can read Part I: What can I freeze?; Part II: My cabinets are screamin'! Bathroom solutions; Part III: My kitchen is booby-trapped! Kitchen solutions.)

Have you ever needed a last minute gift? Maybe you forgot about a baby shower. Or maybe you have a friend who's getting married and need a last minute wedding shower gift. This is another reason why I love stockpiling. Everyone needs the essentials, whether it's for a new baby or for their new home. Stockpiling essentials at the bottom dollar saves you money and they can save your hide when you're in a pinch.

If you're a mother, you know how important diapers and wipes are. Heaven-forbid we actually run out of diapers! When the drug stores run a store reward for diapers, you can definitely be assured I'm going to pick up on it. When I hear about a great wipe deal at the department store, you can bet your britches I'll be making my way to pick up my fair share. Having these products on hand are without a doubt counted as baby essentials. But they also make wonderful gifts.

Bathroom essentials are other great stockpilable (is that a word?!?) products. How many FREE razors and toothbrushes and deodorant can one person have anyway? Don't get me wrong. I'm right there with the rest of you picking up my FREE stuff to roll my store rewards. Have you considered including some of these essentials in a gift for the new mommy? She did carry the baby for 9 months and went through who-knows-how-many-hours of labor and delivery. Wouldn't it be nice to pamper her with some of the latest toiletries? Razors, shaving gel, lotions, shower gel, nail polish...etc.

Then we have the newlyweds. This is where you can get really creative with your stockpiled essentials. Say you were able to purchase boxes of Uncle Ben's Rice or pouches of Knorr Rice Sides and cans of Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup. And maybe you were able to pick up on the Pyrex casserole clearance. You can put these items together along with a little handmade recipe card with a simple recipe for Chicken and Rice Casserole. Or you can buy an inexpensive cookbook from for $.01 (These are usually pre-owned in good condition and you pay a nominal shipping fee.) and include this in your gift. Another pantry related gift is to combine cake or brownie mixes with cake pans or muffin tins. Wrap in a bow with a wooden spoon attached and "Voila!" You've got yourself a great gift.

Or you can create a gift made up of cleaning and household products. A friend and I did this for a bridal shower a few years ago and it was a huge success. It went something like this:

"Once upon a time there was a SCHICK young lady who met a SUAVE and BRAWNY young man in a beautiful GLADE. After dating for a while, the CHARMIN’ young man PLEDGEd his love to his ANGEL. She REACHed for him to give him a SNUGGLE. His fear of rejection was OUSTed when it DAWNed on him that she had said yes to his proposal. He SHOUTed with JOY! He WISPed away any worries she might have with his DOWNY CARESSes.

So, bride's name, as you go through the CASCADE of marriage with groom's name, just remember ANYWHERE you are together will be like riding high on the CREST of life. ALL the bad times will go up in a PUFF of smoke, as your FANTASTIK hopes and dreams come true with BUBBLES of happiness."

or you can choose something like this:

"We gather together with you to celebrate the (dawn) of a new (era). Marriage is a journey. Some days it will be pure (joy) but let's take a moment and talk about the others.

There may come a time when you realize your big (brawny) guy isn't necessarily (Mr. Clean). When this and other little glitches occur, don't (shout) or send up an (SOS). Go (easy-on) him. Hopefully the (Tide) will change quickly, tensions will (vanish), and things will (bounce) back to normal.

We think you and "groom" are a (fantastic) couple with a (zest) for life and a sincere appreciation for each other. We fully support you as you and "groom" (pledge) to spend your lives as one.

We wish you all the best... Including love, happiness and lots of time to (snuggle)."

You can put the items in a large laundry basket with a big bow and "ta-da" you've got yourself the best gift any new bride or groom would love to have.

It's such a blessing to be able to share your stockpile with others. Knowing you are helping someone is a wonderful gift in itself. So next time you are in a pinch, get your creative juices flowing by looking through your stockpiled items. See what kind of gifts you can make from what you already have on hand.

Have you made a gift from your stockpile? I'd love to know what you used and how you did it.


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