Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Daily Grind: Future Clothing Purchases

Most of my kid's clothing come second hand through friends or purchases at Goodwill, Thrift Stores, Consignment Stores or even eBay.  Recently,  I took the kids to the library and remembered it was the 1st day of the month.  And that means $1 Days at my favorite consignment store.  So I whipped the car into the parking lot and was pleasantly surprised to find there were a lot of items leftover.  I was able to get Haylei a pair of brown corduroy pants and a pink ribbed turtleneck.  But I really racked up for Hunter.  I got him 3 hoodie sweat jackets, a pair of black corduroy pants, and navy blue sweater with snowflakes.  I got all 7 pieces for $7.49 (including tax).  Two of the hoodie sweatshirts were sized 4 and the sweater was size 3, but I know Hunter will grow into them eventually. 

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I read in a magazine that listed what sort of items should be included in your new baby's layette.  How many onesies, how many sleepers, how many socks, ...etc.  So I was thinking (I know that is very dangerous!) I should have some sort of system when purchasing clothing for the kids.  Most of the time I'm buying larger sized clothing for next season or next year, and it would be nice to know if I am purchasing too much of one item or too little of another.  This happened last year with Haylei's pajamas.  Somehow, I didn't buy her any size 4 pajamas.  I don't know what happened, but she had none.  So I scoured eBay and found a Lot of 4 Pajamas for $5.00.  Thankfully I snagged them but I don't like to put myself in a position like that.  So this is what I was thinking:  having a list of items a child needs each season and being able to mark off an article of clothing when it has been purchased.  That might be a little OCD for some folks, but I think this is going to work out great for us.  Each child already has a large plastic storage bin in their closet with the next season's clothing stored in it.  So I'll put this list in the bin and mark off when necessary.  

Here's what I came up with, let me know if you think I should add something:

4 dressy dresses
4 service dresses
8-10 pairs of panties
8-10 pairs of socks
white tights
black tights
brown shoes
black shoes
white shoes
4 pairs of shorts/capris
4 pairs of jeans
4 long sleeved shirts
4 short sleeved shirts
1 winter coat
2 lightweight jackets with hoods
2 lightweight sweaters
4 pairs of pajamas (see I almost forgot them!)
1 or 2 swimsuits (thanks Laura!!!)
winter hat, scarf, mittens

4 pairs of slacks/khaki pants
2 button up oxford dress shirts
4 dressy suits with dress shirts, pants & vests
8-10 pairs of socks
black shoes
4 pairs of shorts
4 pairs of jeans
4 long sleeved shirts
4 short sleeved shirts
1 winter coat
2 lightweight jackets with hoods
4 pairs of pajamas
1 or 2 pairs swim trunks
winter hat, scarf and mittens

This looks reasonable to me.  My Momma says my kids have too many clothes anyway, so maybe keeping track of my puchases will rein that in.  

And I just thought of something, less clothing means less laundry -- yeah me!!!

"The Daily Grind" are posts referring to my career as wife, mother, bookkeeper, seamstress, chauffeur, teacher, baker & cook and whatever else life throws my way. (Proverbs 31)

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Laura said...

Great idea! I might have to try this too. It's so easy to buy too much when you're thrift shopping. Everything is such a good deal! Don't forget about a swimsuit, scarf, mittens, and a hat. Galoshes are always useful for us. My daughter loves tromping around outside in the mud!

Candi said...

Thanks Laura! I totally forgot about those items! I will add them now :)

Ally said...

Great list...I always tend to buy too many tshirts from children's place when they go down to $.99. I need to make a list like this too! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I've got a list that I keep in my purse. It works for me to cross things off as I buy them, and I don't have to pay full price. Can't beat that!

We do more shorts and t-shirts - 10 for each size - so I have a full week of the every day outfits plus a few spares for messy days. It gives me room to do laundry once a week. We're in California, so we don't need quite as many heavy clothes, but I do 10 long sleeve shirts/pants combos for the same reason, with a few extra layers on the side.

I also hang my kids clothes in outfits - pants, shirt, underwear on one hanger - so they (or my husband) can pick out their own outfits and they always match. I make sure that whatever I get in advance has a partner so we don't end up with 10 shirts and no bottoms that match!

(And for some shameless promotion - I'm offering a giveaway on my blog, so please go sign up for it!)

Candi said...

What a great idea to keep a list in my bag! Thanks for the tips y'all!!!

thegecko said...

brilliant im making a google doc right now! i can access it from my phone and keep it updated. i went through my son's stash of bought-at-thrift-half-price-day-but-still-too-big clothes last week and he has 8 pairs of khakis in size 8....um that may be excessive

Brenda said...

This is a great idea. The only suggestion from me, if Haylei is going to start school you may at least want 5-7 sets of clothing to get through the week. Then laundry on weekend will get you set for the next school week. Just an idea!

Laura said...

I'm not a big fan of wal-mart, but they have girls pajamas clearanced for three dollars..... in case you need some. :)

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I do this too. It definitely helps when shopping!


Honey said...

I read a blog that recommended 12 outfits. That included dressy, play, look nice but not dressed up...

I'm doing that & actually ended up taking 56 (big!!) bags of children's clothes to Goodwill. It was their clothes since they were babies. 3 kids, 1b/2g, 11,9 & 2...LOTS of clothes! :)


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