Monday, February 22, 2010

Shopping Trip: Food Lion, Publix 2/20/10

I decided to try another Video Blog (VLOG) and share my shopping trips to Food Lion and Publix.  We found some unadvertised buys at Food Lion which is always fun.  And we went over budget this week.  All is good, since we are also purchasing a few things for OAMC day.  I'm also not going to be purchasing anything at CVS this week.  I just didn't see anything I needed.  So I'm saving the ECBs from last week for another week.  Walgreens has some NADQ's for potting soil, I might use some of my RRs to pick up a couple of bags.  But I haven't decided completely on that yet.  

If you are viewing this from your email update, you'll need to click over to the blog to view the video.  Please rate and leave feedback so I'll know how to improve.  Thanks!

Food Lion
1.91 lbs overripe bananas $.36 (thank Miriam for the reminder on the overripe bananas!)
2.62 lbs bananas $1.02
Boston Butt Pork Roast $7.07
Hormel Pepperoni $1.45
Food Lion Turkey $3.11
Food Lion Turkey $2.97
Country Style Ribs $4.89
Drumsticks $4.23
Oscar Mayer Hotdogs $1.50 x 2
Green Grapes $5.15
Land O Lakes Butter $.50 x 4
Food Lion Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips $1.93
- $1 deli purchase
- $1 chocolate chips
= $41.06 OOP saved $35.80 (47%)

(4) Large Honey Nut Cheerios FREE
(2) Yellow Box Cheerios $.99 each
(2) Chicken leg quarters $3.22 ea
(4) SeaPak Shrimp $2.79 ea
(2) Reese's Cup $1.00 ea
(4) Pillsbury crescent rolls $1.67 ea
Publix eggs $1.59
(14) Green Giant canned veggies $.65 ea
(1) Crisco Olive Oil $2.45 ea
(6) Mueller pasta $.32 ea
(1) Vigo Artichoke Quarters $2.15 ea
(2) Wishbone dressing $.58 ea
(2) Muir Glen Diced Tomatoes $.50 ea 
(2) Publix brand chopped frozen spinach $.89 ea
(2) Green Giant frozen broccoli $.50 ea
(1) Diamond Kosher salt $.39 ea
(4) Betty Crocker Muffin boxes $.30 ea
(2) Yakisoba Noodles (-$.21 ea) overage
Gallon Milk $2.28
- $1 Pillsbury coupon
- $1 Muir Glen coupon
- $5 WYB 20 participating products
= $48.53 OOP saved $101.70 (68%)

My husband works for a food distributor and checked the price on a 50 lb bag of all purpose flour.  Turns out it's only $11.37 for 50 lbs.  I've been paying between $1.59 - $1.79 for a 5 lb bag of flour.  So we decided to purchase it and buy a large tub to store it.  I've been making our own pizza dough, french bread, yeast rolls and a lot of other food items from scratch to save on the cost of pre-packaged products.  Not only is it cheaper, but it's more healthy since we know what we're putting in the food.  I'm going to venture out and try to make our own flour tortillas one day.  Right now, I'm still a little intimidated, but I'll try it one day.  

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Claudia Lawrence said...

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Laura @ Frugal Follies said...

Wow, great job shopping this week! I need to buy flour in bulk as well - I've been going through a 5 lb. bag in about two weeks, and it's never on sale and there are rarely coupons for it. Thanks for putting the bug in my head to start looking into it!

Thanks for linking up your post to Wednesday Weekly Shopping! Come by each Wednesday to link up your great deals!


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