Friday, February 12, 2010

Walgreens Scenario (2/14-2/20)

Visit I Heart Wags to view the early Walgreens ad.  Visit Southern Savers to view the coupon match up for the week's deals.  Visit Andrea at Mommy Snacks to learn how to work Walgreens RRs to your best advantage.

I have $4 RR and $3 RR to use during the Walgreens sale week of 2/14-2/20.  

This is my plan:
1st order
(2) 20 ct Claritin $14.99 each
(4) Nyquil or Dayquil $5 each
- (2) $3/1 Claritin coupon
- (4) $2/1 Nyquil or Dayquil coupon 1/17 P&G 
= $36 OOP receive $5 RR (Claritin) & $5 RR (Nyquil) $10 RR (Nyquil)
(I'll use our HCSA to pay for these medications.)

(2) Bayer Meters $14.99 each
(1) Quaker Oatmeal $1.50
- (2) $30 Bayer Meter coupons 10/25 RP (DONATE THESE)
- $1 Quaker coupon
= $.50 OOP and receive $10 RR

2nd order
(2) Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash 2/$7
(1) Gillette Fusion $8.99 
(2) Mandarin Oranges 2/$1
- (2) $2/1 Crest Pro-Health coupons 2/7 P&G
- (1) $4/1 Fusion coupon 2/7 P&G
- $3 RR (from last week Huggies)
- $5 RR (from 1st order Claritin)
= $.99 OOP receive $4 RR (Fusion) & $2.50 RR (Crest)

3rd order:
(3) Sugar 4lb bags $1.99 each (NADQ)
(3) Ravinia Pantyhose $.69 (NADQ)
(1) Bleach $.99
(1) 24 Pk Water $2.99 (NADQ)
(1) Filler $1.00
- $5 RR (Nyquil) - $10 RR (Nyquil)
- $2.50 RR (Crest)
- $4 RR (Fusion) No need to use this one.
= $.52 OOP receive No RRs but have $4 RR, $4 RR leftover

My husband works in the food industry and they have received some startling news regarding the cost of sugar.  He was told prices can increase to as much as $5 per 5 lb bag of sugar.  When you see a good price on sugar (and I'm guessing a good price for sugar would be less than $2 per bag), I would stock up.  I've been trying to reduce the amount of sugar we consume in our diet by using honey and agave nectar.  However, there are times when sugar will only do.

Visit Deal Seeking Mom or Money Saving Mom for more scenarios.



Leah said...

Thanks for passing on that info about sugar. Have to wonder if the earthquake in Haiti has something to do with this :(

Candi said...

Hi Leah - He got the sugar info about 3 months ago, so I don't think the earthquake had a bearing on it then. Although, it might contribute to it in the future.

Anonymous said...

isnt it $10 on vicks/nyquil if you buy 4 , thats what i got?

Candi said...

Hi Anonymous - You are totally correct! In fact, when I went to Walgreens today, I couldn't figure out why the $10 RR printed! Happy error :)


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