Thursday, February 11, 2010

RECIPE: Russian Dump Chicken

A few weeks ago during my Once-A-Month-Cooking Day, I told you about the chicken dump recipes I put into the freezer.  Last night we had the Russian Dump Chicken (I used Catalina dressing since that was in the pantry).  It was really good!  It had a familiar flavor that I couldn't quite put my finger on.  I thawed it out just enough to divide the chicken quarters so I could fit them into the crock pot.  Once I got them in the crock pot, I put it on high and cooked them for 7 hours.  I reduced the crock pot to warm until Kevin got home to eat supper.  We ate it with rice, green beans and yeast rolls.  The kids loved it. 

Russian Dump Chicken
1 - 16 oz bottle Russian dressing (Catalina)
1/2 can peach pie filling
1 pouch onion soup mix
your choice of chicken (I used 3 chicken quarters)

The best part of the night?  Haylei realized there were 'beans' in the green beans, so she spent the evening prying open the green beans to eat the little beans inside.  Since she was introduced to green beans at 4 months old, she would NOT eat them.  It was one of the few things she wouldn't eat.  I always gave her a portion all this time, hoping one day she would eat them.  A couple of months ago, she learned she liked green beans dipped in ketchup.  But last night, was a revelation.  I'm not sure if our seed-testing homeschool project had anything to do with it, I'm just happy she'll eat them now!


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White Rice said...

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SnoWhite said...

Interesting combo of flavors -- what fun! Bet it's tasty.

Smockity Frocks said...

Mmmmm... this sounds great! Thanks for linking up!

jsprik said...

oooooohh this sounds yummy!! and the bean thing is too cute!! :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh yummy! I love using fruit with beef and the crockpot. The family thinks I'm nuts but I think it works best :).

Thanks for a new recipe, I'm a new follower ;)

The Fajdich Times said...

Sounds delish!! Peach pie filling.....interesting. Come by for a visit....I am hosting an Anniversary Giveaway:)

Gerky said...

I had to laugh at the green bean story. My middling didn't like green beans for the longest time. One night I put them into a stir fry and told him they were Chinese green beans. He would eat "Chinese green beans" but didn't quite care for "regular" green beans. He is now 13 and knows I tricked him but on days we have green beans our menu board still reads "chinese" green beans.

Coffee Please!?! said...

we make something like this but instead of peaches we use whole berry cranberry sauce. i'll have to switch it up to see how it goes! :-)


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