Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Homeschool Craft: "W" is for Windsock

We are a bit behind with our crafts for homeschool.  We worked on "w" a few weeks ago.  Today was very windy and I thought it would be a great time to work on the windsock.  Here's what you need:

Easy Recycled Windsock:
empty and clean gallon milk jug
ribbon (we had lots of leftover ribbon from the princess party)

Using the scissors, cut the top and bottom off the milk jug.  Tape the sharp edges to prevent your child from cutting themselves or getting hurt.

Using more tape, measure out a specific distance for cutting the ribbon.  We used two pieces of tape and then marked arrows showing where to cut.  Our length was about 3 feet.  We counted out 16 lengths of ribbon.  The width of your ribbon will determine how many lengths you'll need.

On the bottom of the milk jug, make marks to indicate where to staple the ribbons.  We had 16 ribbons, so we marked 4 corners, then marked those in half, and then marked those in half to equal 16 marks. 
Start stapling the ribbons in place, you might have to help your child if they are small.

She was certainly proud!  Make sure to staple another ribbon to act as the hanger/holder. 

Hang it outside and watch it twirl in the wind.


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Susie said...

That is an awesome project!!


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