Monday, March 8, 2010

Shopping Trip: Publix 3/5/10 & Farmers Market 3/10/10

I felt like I was having coupon withdrawals!  I haven't been shopping using coupons in about 2 weeks.  We ran out of eggs yesterday so I figured it was time I got out of the house and into the store.  Here's what I got at


Bird's Eye Steamfresh $.04 each x 10 (broccoli, peas, corn)
Buddig Ham $1.00 x 4
Bird's Eye Frozen Spinach $.29 x 3
Bird's Eye Frozen Corn $.25 x 2
Publix Butter $2.59
Publix Eggs $1.59 x 2
Strawberries $1.67 x 4
Mahatma Rice $.59
Publix Dried Black Beans $1.49
Publix Dried Black Eyed Pea $.99
Rico Rice $.99 x 2
Bertolli Sauce $.25 x 4
Apples $2.49
Bananas $1.79
Oranges $2.49
Banana Cream pudding $1.09
Mount Olive Pickles $.60 x 2
Greenwise Organic Milk $3.69
Publix Milk $2.28
Publix Vanilla Wafers $1.99
= $43.05 OOP (including tax) saved $58.76 (58%)

It felt really good to use my coupons and stockpile some frozen vegetables.

If you haven't heard, Publix is having a contest for the best Strawberry recipe.  The winner will receive 52 $100 Publix Gift Cards (a year's worth of groceries by national standards!)  I've come up with some really yummy recipes using strawberries.  Once I've read the rules completely, I'll share them with you.  I have to be sure I can post them here without being penalized.  We'll see!

We also took a trip to our State's Farmers Market in Forest Park, Georgia on Wednesday.  I've never been but my brother goes often to pick up fresh produce.  It was a rainy day and we decided to go and drive among the booths.  WOW!  I had the best time.  If you follow me on twitter, you already know how excited I was!  So here's what I got at the Farmers Market

6 bananas $1
2 avocados $1
1 pkg of lettuce with 3 romaine hearts $1
2 bags 5lb apples (10 lbs total) $5
4 yellow mangoes $2
1 bag of celery $1
2 bags of carrots $1
3 cucumbers $1
6 plums $2
8 kiwi $2
3 bell peppers $2
= $19 OOP.

I was so happy!  I'd taken $20 cash with me so I wouldn't overspend when I saw all the fruit and vegetables.   I told Kevin I might need to make this a regular shopping trip at least once, maybe twice a month.


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Unknown said...

Wow! We have a farmer's market in the fall through spring here in South Florida, but the prices there are usually the same or higher than the grocery store, if you can believe that! I do go when I can because the food is so much fresher, plus sometimes there are varieties that you don't see at the store, but it isn't really a money saver for me.

Thanks for the link back!


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