Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Daily Grind: Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk....LITERALLY!

If you are a mommy, then you can sympathize with me (or at least I hope you can!)  Have you ever had days when you thought you were at your wits end and if one more mishap occurred, you'd lose your mind?  

First of all, let me start by saying Hunter is at the "learning stage" of pouring things out onto the floor and table.  Including but not limited to bodily functions and other liquids.  Okay, so now let me begin.  I figured it was time I share what he's been doing over the past couple of weeks.

Friday 3/26 - Several messy diapers that ended up with said "mess" runny out of the diaper, down his legs and all over the floor.  The best part?  I just finished mopping the floor, only to re-mop and disinfect.  Not that it was his fault his tummy was upset, but I just finished mopping the floor!

Monday 3/30 - He found a cup of pink lemonade on the table and poured it out.  It went down the crack between the tables leaves and poured all over the floor, yucky sticky mess.

Wednesday 4/1 - I was loading the washing machine (I know can you believe it? especially with my aversion to laundry...) when I hear a crash in the kitchen.  Walking around the corner I see him playing in at least half a dozen egg yolks.  He apparently is tall enough to reach the things I have on the counter.  After cleaning him up and sending him to the living room to sit while I cleaned up the egg mess, Haylei hollers at me that "Hunter made another mess".  I look in at the living room to see a big pool of strawberry milk and an empty cup in his hand.  He found her drink and decided it was better on the floor than in the cup.  So while I was cleaning up that mess, I was almost in tears.  It was the 5:00 hour and that's when my nerves are pretty much shot for the day.  Then I realized that I was actually about to cry over spilled milk and then I started laughing...you know the crazy, hysterical laugh, yep.  

Tuesday 4/6 - Today - Haylei had started to run some bath water while I wiped down the kitchen counters.  Next thing I hear a desperate cry of  "Mommy I need some help"...I walk in the bathroom to see her mopping up about 2 gallons of water on the floor with a small hand towel.  Hunter had taken the white removable potty tray and decided it looked like the perfect scoop to dip into the toilet and pour onto the floor.  After he got out of the bathtub, he made his way to the kitchen (while I was getting my daughter out of the tub and dried off) and he found her juice cup from supper.  He decided he needed another bath, only this time it was with the sticky juice.  My day ended with me and Hunter running low grade fevers and Haylei completely exhausted.  I'm guessing we are suffering from the pollen, but that remains to be seen.  

Hopefully we won't have too many more mishaps over the next weeks, but who am I kidding?  He won't be 2 years old until June and I'm sure we'll be nuts before it's over.  If you're at the park and hear a crazy lady laughing hysterically, it's probably me.  

Better to laugh than to cry...  

"The Daily Grind" are posts referring to my career as wife, mother, bookkeeper, seamstress, chauffeur, teacher, baker & cook and whatever else life throws my way. (Proverbs 31)

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Christina said...

Girl, that is some rough stuff! You will make it through somehow! They keep telling us one day we will miss these years..... We must have a long way to go!

April said...

My goodness, does this bring back memories of when my children were little! The only advice I can give you is that you WILL survive, and your children will grow up eventually. :) You will look back on these days later and smile.

. said...

Hey new blogging friend, I am 60 years old and a grandmother. I sure do wish blogging was around when I was a mother of little ones. Your posts are well-written and confirm to others that they are not losing their minds with the antics that come with children. Bless you! Hang in there and keep your sense of humor. You are a good mom!

Sharon said...

Oh WOW Candi. I would have just sat down on the floor and started to cry. Good for you for finding the joy (and the laughter) amongst all that mess! You did good!

Big Cyber ((Hugs)) to a mom who deserves them!

Arizona Mamma said...

I most certainly can relate! It never fails...clean something up, and it's like a mess magnet.

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

My oh my, sounds like my house, the second I turn my back something is broken or spilled or naked..... I have gotten really good about not leaving anything on the table or close to the edge, because in just a matter of minutes it will be everywhere!!

I hope you have a few non messy days too.


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