Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Having a Budget

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"We don't have any extra money."

"I hate being on a budget."
Have you said these things?  Most of us have.  Don't be ashamed, I've said them before too!  Sometimes I say these things and then I realize they are not that important.

We don't need EXTRA money.  We need enough to cover our bills and necessities and that's it.  In fact, that's all that God promised us anyway (Matthew 6:25-33, 1 Timothy 6:8)  And what if you do get a little extra money to put into a savings account for a rainy day?  Well, inevitably, something happens and you have to break the piggy bank to get at the money.  

Budgets are what we need to keep us in line and accountable.  If we didn't have one, we'd be over-spending and be completely overwhelmed with debt.  Look at the government and many others around the world as an example.  I'm just saying...

Going to a cash budget envelope system has really been working for us.  I've been pretty lax this last month, but I've not really been grocery shopping like normal.  (We're trying to eat up what we have on hand so I can thaw out the deep freezer).  Having only a specific amount of money to spend at the store helps me make wise choices when spending that cash.  I look for free food after coupons and sales.  I stockpile what I can when I can.  I take advantage of the freebies offered by the drug stores and roll those store rewards to get the best bang for my buck.

Having a budget can be fun.  I try to view it as a challenge, most of the time.  Like I said, I have been guilty of saying I hate to be on a budget, but in the end it's the best thing for us at this time in our lives.  What's most important is putting God first in our life and being content with what we have.   

Do you struggle with your budget?  

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They Call Me Mama said...

Great post! Just the reminder I needed this morning. Thanks for being the Lord's messenger!

Carrie Lauth said...

Budgeting is so important, and I think one of the biggest reasons people don't do it is because they think it means being controlled. The opposite is actually true: telling your money where to go means you have MORE control, not less.

Maybe the pregnancy hormones are making me a little fiesty, but I have a different view on this point:


I would argue that EXTRA is good. After all, if we don't have extra, when that inevitable "time and unforeseen occurrence" comes along, we won't have savings to cover it so for most people that means it will go on the "emergency" credit card. Extra means we can give to others and give our tenth part (figuratively) to the congregation or to our brothers and sisters who have a need.

My .02 :-)

GumDropSwap said...

Great post! Losing my job in 2009 forced me to stick to a strict budget and look for ways to spend money more wisely. That research led me to start my own children's clothing swap club and now a kids boutique called GumdropSwap http://www.gumdropswap.com

Shamrocks and Shenanigans said...

I raised my kids to be a part of it all. They understand what comes in (money) and what goes out (bills) and help with the shopping so they understand when there is extra money then we can decide what needs to be bought.
I make a menu for two weeks every payday then make a grocery list for one week. Sometimes I pick up items for the next week if say the meat is on sale. I find we spend less money and eat out less often.

btw..love your site and am now following
Shamrocks and Shenanigans

shopannies said...

envelope system works great for us as well

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Hi there! Niki here, from over at Free 2 Be Frugal, stopping by from Works for Me Wednesday.

I love your post! It is so true...no one needs extra. It is so easy to get sucked into the world and feel deprived. Everyone is always looking for happiness, which never lasts. Seeking contentment--now that is smart!

Stop by and visit me when you get the chance.



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