Friday, May 14, 2010

Feed Me Books Friday: Zoo Books


Today I'm participating in "Feed Me Books Friday".  This is where we share our favorite childrens' books and why.

We had never borrowed a "picture book" from the library.  Therefore, we had no idea how much fun telling our own story could be until we got this book in the mail, Welcome To The Zoo
Welcome to the Zoo!
What a great picture book!

I love this book because:
  1. it's very colorful - which I think is very important to keep the interest of small children
  2. there are so many story lines going on throughout the book, you can "reread" it 100 times and share a different story each time
  3. you can follow the "visitors" throughout the book, from the time they enter the zoo until they leave at the end of the day (I especially love how the illustrator used the shadows from the sun to illustrate the time of day...)
  4. there is a review on the back flap to see what you and your child saw while "walking" through the zoo
  5. my daughter can "read" it to her little brother, which totally warms my heart

Another classic, I'd never read before receiving by mail is Good Night, Gorilla.
Good Night, Gorilla 
What a cute book!
This is why we love this book:
  1. the gorilla is hilarious!  You actually start to "feel" how he "feels", sneaking through the zoo following the zookeeper.  The first time I read the book, I ended up whispering funny.
  2. it teaches your child color matching, using the keys to match to the cage.
  3. I love to follow the mouse through the book.
  4. it's a great story to read just before bed, keeping your child in a sleepy mood 
These are some great books to review before and after visiting your local zoo.  We visited the zoo a few weeks ago and I forgot about reviewing these books, so I'm glad another blogger reminded me.    I hope you'll look for these book the next time you're at the library or you can purchase them online.

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Trench Mommy (Mandy) said...

Looks like some good books! Glad I stopped by! I'm giving away the book I featured in my FEED ME BOOKS FRIDAY post, so be sure to stop by to enter the drawing!

Janna said...

Cool! Books in the mail! I remember my mom joined a book club for a yr or 2 and i loved getting new books.

My heart would warm to see my kids sharing a book too. Love that!


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