Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shopping Trip: Publix and CVS 5/13/10

Man, I have been having serious withdrawals from not doing "the deals" at Publix and CVS.  I still have not gone back to Walgreens.  The last time I did any deals was April 17th and that was because my hubby and I had a date night and needed to kill some time and I had some ECB & RR that were going to expire.  Before that I think it was March 28th.  After I did inventory of our stockpile, I decided to cut back on CVS and Walgreens.  We continued to purchase fresh produce at the Farmers' Market and other stores.  I just didn't bother taking pictures every time we came home.  Anyway, so here's what I picked up today:

Welch's Juice $.99 x 7
Publix Greenwise TP $.01
Publix Eggs $1.19
McCormick Grinder $.50 x 3
Mahatma Rice $.19 x 3
McCormick Marinade Packets FREE x 6 + $1.20 overage
Hunt's Ketchup $1.15 x 2
Yoplait Simply $.29 x 4
Breyer's Ice Cream $2.50
Bandaids $1.00
Palmolive Dish Liquid $.30 x 4
Corn $.25 x 4
Schick Shave Cream FREE x 2
Schick 3 Blade Razor FREE
Johnson's Buddy Bar FREE
Carefree Pantiliners FREE x 4
= $17.16 + $2.50 tax = $19.66 OOP, saved $92.21

1st order
Right Guard Deodorant $2.49 x 2
- $3 coupon
= $2.33 OOP, saved $7.00, received $3.99 ECB

2nd order
Hydro 3 Razor $8.99
- $5 coupon
- $3.99 ECB
= $.63 OOP, saved $8.99, received $4 ECB

3rd order
Bumble Bee Tuna $.49 x 2
Kotex tampons $4.99
- $1 CVS coupon - but cashier manually keyed it in for $.97
- $1 coupon
- $4 ECB
= $.38 OOP, saved $8.87, received $4.99 ECB

4th order
Claritin Syrup $9.99
Skittles $.89
- $3 CRT coupon - but cashier manually keyed it in for $2.89
- $3 Bzz Agent coupon
- $4.99 ECB
= $.73 OOP, saved $11.88, received $3 ECB

Since I haven't been rolling my ECB and I started out new, this was the best scenarios for me.  I am not buying any more toothpaste unless I just have to.  We have 40 tubes of toothpaste in our stockpile and I think that is a little ridiculous, but definitely something we use.  

On the above orders, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th orders totaled $.00 before taxes...the amount OOP is for tax.  The cashier had to reduce the amount of the ECB so I could use them.  It was a great trip!

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chrystalm said...

Great trip I have an excessive amount of toothpaste in my stockpile also. I normally just give it to my extended family members or write free on the box and leave it in the bathroom in our breakroom at work. It always gets picked up quickly.


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