Monday, May 10, 2010

In the Kitchen: How to Cut Brownies

This is a great kitchen tip when making brownies (homemade or otherwise).  

Have you ever tried cutting brownies with your kitchen knife only to end up with a "gummy" knife blade and broken brownies?

Use a plastic knife (the ones you find at the fast food chains or in the plastic cutlery at the dollar store) to cut your brownies and you'll have nicely shaped brownies and no gummy knife.  

This works for me every time!

Have you tried this before?


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Christina said...

That is sooo cool!!!

April@The 21st Century Housewife said...

I'll definitely have to try that idea - thanks for sharing it!

Susie said...

I have never heard of this!! I am going to try this next time I have brownies:-)

Linda said...

That's a great tip! I've never heard this before, and now can't wait to try it. lol

Sandra said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Robyn said...

Yes it works! I learned this not too long ago and it's wonderful. I need to post this someday too for people who don't know about it!

YUM... lol

Mom All Day

Holly said...

Now I want to cook brownies just to try this out! :)

Julie Bagamary said...

Great tip.

Jelli Bean said...

Great tip. I can't wait to try it. Before, the only trick I could find was the freeze the brownies before cutting. Way too much hassle, but also effective.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Huh. Wonder why that is.
Well, regardless, good to know!!!


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