Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In the Kitchen: Lemon Juicer

I'm not really into kitchen gadgets, but I do have quite a few things in my kitchen drawers.  Thankfully, I use everything in the utensil drawer.  One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is my lemon juicer.  I know you've seen these things.
 Amco Enameled Aluminum Lemon Squeezer
You cut the lemon in half and place it in the cup and squeeze the handles to juice the lemon into a measuring cup or bowl.  I saw this for the first time on the Food Network show Simply Delicioso with Ingrid Hoffman.  I actually purchased the one I have at a kitchen outlet store in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina a few years ago.  They had smaller green ones for limes, yellow ones for lemons and larger orange colored ones for oranges.  I decided to buy the yellow one since it seemed more practical to have a medium sized one to do double duty between lemons and limes and it works beautifully!

This works for me 

Which kind of lemon juicer do you use?

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Melissa said...

I have one of those also! It's great!

Susie said...

I have a Pampered Chef one:-)

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I ca't see the pic but I really need one of these. I use lime juice in lots of stuff and this would be great.


Mac said...

"Simple and Effective" I woulds say also it doesn't consume electricity..


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