Sunday, May 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 5/24/10

This week we're finishing up our "turkey" meals.  Somehow I managed to have a few meals leftover.  I'm not sure how this happens each month, but it's going to be good to have extras throughout the summer months.

Here's what we're eating this week:

weekly breakfasts:  cereal and bananas; breakfast cookies and bananas

weekly brunches:  eggs, grits, pancakes, sausage, bacon, fried taters

weekly afternoon snacks:  blueberry and peach smoothies; strawberry and blueberry smoothies; popcorn, granola bars

Monday:  Chicken Fried Rice with Steam Broccoli & Carrots & Peas (Chicken already cooked, cubed and in the freezer, Rice was par-cooked on OAMC and frozen)

Tuesday:   Zesty Cheddar Burgers with Salad and Taco Packet Potatoes  (I mixed and formed the patties, flash froze them and just need to thaw and grill)

Wednesday:  Waffles with Fruit (Waffles were made on OAMC, cooled and frozen)

Thursday:  Southwestern Chicken and Rice with Avocado Slices and Tortillas (Chicken already cooked, cubed and in the freezer, Rice was par-cooked on OAMC and frozen)

Friday:  Friday Night Pizza night:  Sante Fe Pizza (Recipe will post Friday afternoon)

Saturday:  Family Dinner

Sunday:  Dinner:  BBQ Turkey Stuffed Baked Potato with Steamed Broccoli and Green Beans (BBQ Turkey was made on OAMC and frozen, just need to thaw and reheat)

Stay tuned for the June Monthly Meal Plan to post on Monday May 31.  I'll probably be doing my OAMC on Monday and Tuesday.  But it really will depend on how my shopping days go.  

I hope you have a great week!  Be sure to visit I'm An Organizing Junkie and Mindful Menus to see what others are planning to eat this week.


Susie said...

Have a delicious week:-)

April said...

Sounds like a great menu week. Can't wait till I get my deep freezer and can do monthly freezer cooking. Right now, all I can do is weekly freezer cooking in my small refrigerator freezer. :)


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