Thursday, July 1, 2010

Monthly Meal Plan: July 2010

July is going to be HOT HOT HOT!!!  We're going to be very busy this month.  We'll be picking up our son from Savannah to stay the month.  We'll be going camping for a few days.  We'll be having the visit of our Circuit Overseer one full week, which means back to two nightly meetings.  We'll be having our District Convention in Duluth.  Then we'll be driving back to Savannah to visit family. And that's just for the weekends!  Not to mention we'll be doing some fun activities during the weeks for our "Summer Fun" series.  Phew!

I'm still on an "oven strike".  I'm going to utilize the crockpot and electric grill again this month.  We'll be eating tuna sandwiches on Sunday after the ministry when we're in town.  We're still going to be eating our "Friday Night Pizza Nights", only this month they'll be toned down to some "ordinary" toppings.  We're going to continue eating breakfast for dinner on Wednesdays.  My stepson LOVES this, he thinks it's the coolest thing to eat pancakes for supper.  You know we can't give up our Tex-Mex on Thursday's, so you'll see some taco meat, nachos and quesadillas below.  Another feature we'll continue this month is the "Summer Burger Bash".  This of course is due to my "oven strike".  I'm featuring Rachael Ray burgers, since she is the self-proclaimed "burger queen".  I was able to get some reduced pork chops last month so we'll be trying a couple of new pork recipes.  And last but not least, we'll be trying a couple of new recipes using the marinades I received from My Blog Spark and Lawry's.  I'm looking forward to these new grilling recipes.  Okay enough of the jibber-jabber.
  1. Black Bean Nachos 
  2. Sausage & Mushroom Pizza (Friday Night Pizza Night)
  3. Lunch:  Tuna Fish;  Supper:  Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken
  4. Lunch:  Pepperoni Pizza;  Supper:  Club Burgers with Avocado Ranch Dressing*
  5. Thai Pork Wraps*
  6. Buffalo Chicken Pasta* (using leftover chicken from 7/3)
  7. Breakfast:  Pancakes, Bacon, Eggs
  8. camping out - eat on the road
  9. camping out - Pizza Pockets (Friday Night Pizza Night)
  10. camping out - Hot Dogs
  11. camping out - eat on the road home
  12. Tuscan Sun Dried Tomato Marinated Chicken with White Bean Provencal*
  13. Burgers all'Amatrician*
  14. Breakfast:  Grits, Bacon, Eggs, Gravy & Biscuits (sharing recipe soon)
  15. Black Bean Quesadillas
  16. Pizza:  Veggie Pizza (Friday Night Pizza Night)
  17. Lunch:  Tuna Fish Sandwiches;  Supper:  Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken
  18. Lunch:  Smoked Ham Pizza;  Supper:  Knife & Fork Steak Burger*
  19. Smothered Pork Chops with Gravy*
  20. Chicken Rice Casserole
  21. Breakfast:  Blackberry Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon
  22. Tacos and fixing
  23. District Convention
  24. District Convention
  25. District Convention
  26. Szechuan Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice*
  27. Lasagna Burgers*
  28. Breakfast:  Grits, Bacon, Eggs, Gravy & Biscuits
  29. Taco and fixings
  30. Pizza Margherita* Friday Night Pizza Night
  31. Supper with Family
*New to us recipes.  I'll probably tweak them to suit our family.  

Hope you have a tasty month!  Try to stay cool.


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