Friday, September 10, 2010

Nature Alphabet: Letter "C"

Our intentions were to find cardinals and observe them.  We found a female but no male.  We went over to my parent's house since my dad puts out birdseed to feed all the birds.  We saw yellow finches, hummingbirds, sparrows, thrashers and even a Blue Jay.  We took a nature walk around their yard and caught sight of many things.  Here's a few of "C" finds:


Purple CONE Flower


Here's some of the other sites we saw that did not start with "C", but stretching we could consider them "creations"...

Argiope aurantia (Yellow Garden Spider)

Yellow Daisies

 Bird Nest

Okra and Blooms

Persimmon Tree with Persimmons (my brother makes an awesome Persimmson Cake, maybe I can talk him into sharing the recipe with us after frost)

A tree with a single trunk that grew twin trees half-way up

Dandelion puff

Miniature Daisy (I'm sure this has a proper name)

Cicada Exoskeleton (we thought they were Locust or Katydid husks...I learned something new.  We found 25 of them on the trees around my parent's house).

Hope you have a great week discovering new creations!


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Susie said...

What a wonderful day of science!

Mandy said...

I've discovered that I'm a loser and I already want to give up my alphabet challenge! Sigh! I figure my daughter isn't quite three yet, and maybe we can give it a go next year when I'm not wanting to do other projects?! Good for you though! You're a rock star mom!

Mary said...

I found your link through Outdoor Wednesday, and I'm your new follower! I was happy to discover that you homeschool too.
Nice pictures, I thought I was the only one who ever posted about spiders... You must be in the South, we also grow okra, and I've been posting about that in my homesteading blog as well. :)

Linda said...

Great post...I never saw a cicada though, I 've heard about them! I think using creations is a great way for the letter C...

Phyllis said...

Oh, what beautiful photos! I love them. Nature walks are so much fun.

JayLeigh said...

Such great pictures! You sure found a lot of neat stuff on your walk. I like the idea of going through the alphabet like that. Very fun! :-)


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