Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Perler Bead House Party

My cousin hosted a Perler Bead House Party last weekend.  I'd never heard of Perler beads before the House Party invite.  I was really looking forward to it! 

The kids had a blast for the first 15 minutes.

After that, the adults took over and finished the projects.

I love crafty stuff, so I didn't mind at all.   Except when I bumped the project and the beads fell off the template...ugh!

After we finished our little lizard (which was entirely too large of a project for us to have started, we should have done the monkey!), the kids decorated cupcakes.

(Sissy with all her second cousins)

It was fun and the kids had a great time. 

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Susie said...

My daughter loves those! Does she have the kind that you can iron and melt together?

Candi said...

Yes, that's what we did. It was my first time working with these beads and it was so fun!

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

What a fun party idea, I haven't heard of it either, great job on your lizard.

The Horns said...

So glad you came! I made the suggestion to them that they put the Biggie Beads in if they do another party! The Biggie Beads would have been good for the little ones! Your pics are great!!!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I want to play!!! We used to do all of that stuff when I was younger. I need to get it for my kids. I still love it!!

Sarah said...

I tried to get this House Party - what great stuff! The kids must have had a blast - crafts AND cupcakes! Fun :)

Anonymous said...

i wana do that <3


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