Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tackling My Laundry "Closet"

Do you have a laundry "closet" or a laundry room? 

I always think of a laundry room as a wonderful place to hide dirty clothes when your friends and family come over.  Unfortunately, we don't have a laundry room, just a closet really.  Our washing machine and dryer are parked behind two doors.  No luxury of hiding laundry in our house.  

Over time though, I've let the shelf above the machines get a little out of control.  And the top of the dryer, well, i can't even tell you the last time I cleaned it off.  Not anymore!  I tackled them today:



I tried to organize the laundry detergent bottles as best I could.  You know I stockpile laundry detergent when I can get it for $2 and under a bottle.  That's my goal price.  I'm not that particular since the kids are not allergic to it.  The Snuggle fabric sheets were free at Walmart several months ago.  Did you pick up on that deal too?  
I even took the vacuum cleaner and sucked up all the lint from behind the machines.  Boy that's a lot for me!  I didn't pull out the machines and clean under them.  I was afraid I would pull some wires and hoses out of place.  I've been babying my washer since it went on the blink a few weeks ago.  I'm doing smaller loads, just more of them.  I'm not opening the lid while it's running, since the manufacturer says it can ruin the machine.  

What have you been tackling lately?  Next I need to work on my corner countertop.  I'm such a clutter-bug!



Brenda said...

Looks good! Have you thought of putting in another shelf? I have been working on my craft area. Oh my word!

Susie said...

AWESOME tackle:-)

Leah said...

I love it when you do segments like this! I love to organize, although to look at my house you'd never know it!! This has encouraged me to tackle one space at a time. In desperation, I may look into a professional organizer.


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