Friday, February 11, 2011

Fitness Friday: Status Update

Things I've learned this month.

I have some will-power, but not enough.  I failed during the chocolate challenge.  I don't do well, when I'm told I can't have something.  It's all I can think about.

I'm a TV/movie-watching-snacker.  I never knew this before.  But every time I sit down for a show on TV, I go looking for something to munch on.  To overcome this, I've been keeping a glass of water nearby and chewing on some gum.  

It helps me to write down everything I eat.  I keep a dry erase board on the fridge and make a note of what I've eaten.  At the bottom, I'm keeping a tally of how many cups of water I've drank during the day.

My stomach and brain are confused.  I feel like I'm getting mixed signals.  Sometimes I think I'm hungry, but I know I can't possibly be hungry since I just ate.  Then I remember I haven't had anything to drink.  I'm trying to drink 10 cups of water a day.  2 cups with breakfast, 2 cups mid-morning, 2 cups with lunch, 2 cups afternoon snack time and 2 cups with supper.  I'm working on re-training my brain.

I'm trying to do a workout everyday.  Something.  Everyday.  I'm doing The 30 Day Shred, 8 Minute Abs, Jogging/Walking at the park.  I'm still working on this goal.  I don't do something everyday, but I'm almost there.  This has to become a way of life.  And I'm finding it hard to fit it in.  My sister-in-law is opening a new gym in Savannah and went to a local company to buy some new equipment for her new place.  She was also able to get me a great deal on a treadmill.  My husband is picking it up this weekend.  So hopefully I'll be able to find a new routine using it weekly, if not daily.     

It helps to chew gum during a workout.  My throat feels dry and sticky when I'm jogging or doing cardio.  The gum helps with that.

I'm trying to stick with my goal of not eating second helpings.  And eating smaller portions.  I'm not fond of crazy diets, but I like well balanced meals with healthy options. 

Something else I've learned, is my children LOVE to exercise with me.  Sissy has always tried to do "jack-jumping" (her term for jumping jacks), but before now Boo-Boo was only interested in crawling through my legs while I was doing the strength part of the workout.  Last week, he started doing jumping jacks (the best he can at 2 years old) and wall push-ups.  It's so funny and cute to see him doing these things.  I encourage them the best I can, by praising them on how well they are doing.  Giving them big hugs for at least trying.  

Counting calories is hard work!  I've tried counting calories before, but this time, I'm being serious with it.  It's hard!  To help make it a little easier, I'm keeping track of everything I eat on the dry erase board on the fridge.  

I was reading a new blog My Bizzy Kitchen.  She shares her weight loss journey and recipes.  She's doing Weight Watchers.  Anyway, this week she was talking about her workout affecting her blood sugar.  This never occurred to me before that this could happen.  This morning I was feeling very tired and sort of 'depressed' feeling.  I took my blood sugar, it was 74.  I ate an apple and checked it afterwards, it went back up to 101.  I ate a bite of chocolate cake and worked out.  My blood sugar was 146 after the workout.  Next time I'm going to check it without eating anything sweet to see how it is affected.  I'm doing some reading and it seems hypoglycemia is triggering the tiredness I was feeling after I worked out.  Now I know how to combat it.  I'm so happy!  I thought it was related to my heart, but I guess I was wrong.  Learn something new everyday!

Next, I'm trying to retrain my brain about rewards.  When I lose weight, I automatically think, "Good job, now let's eat a treat."  That's not a good idea.  I need to rethink that and focus on the bigger picture.  My mother-in-law has a great way of rewarding herself: a little charm for her bracelet for each goal she achieves.   Do you have any ideas?


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Biz said...

Glad I could help with your blood sugar and working out - its so tricky because everyone's bodies work differently, but that's what works for me!



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