Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Arrr Matey!

"arr, matey!"
Over the weekend, my friend "L on sale" at The Grocery Maven hosted a Pirate party for some of our little ones in the area.  I made the cake.  

It was so cute! 

I made cake ball pirates and a pirate ship, that wrecked onto a rock.  
 this is the "captain" of the ship
some castaways

some fell overboard
Actually, the cake cracked in half, so I improvised and it became a shipwrecked pirate cake.  

The boys loved it!  

 here's Boo-Boo as a pirate...

 Boo-Boo and his friend "W"

the boys had to walk the plank, Boo-Boo decided to jump overboard


Beth said...

That is the most awesome cake ever!!! I bet the boys did like it, I want one and I'm a girl.

Jenna said...

OM goodness, that cake is beyond cute as is little Boo boo. Love it and the cake balls, priceless!!


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