Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow? 5/10/11

Sorry I haven't posted any garden updates.  I just didn't make the time to do it.  I did take pictures though.  I have a few minutes today, so here they are.

Here's what the rose bush looked like

The peonies bloomed beautifully

I found my Jackmanii clematis...he was just a little later than the Nelly Moser.
My favorite hydrangea is starting to show it's beautiful purple color.

The blue hydrangea are starting to color out too.  

The sidewalk to the front door has been overtaken by the camellia and lace cap hydrangea.  I need to figure out how to move them.

I also found my Oak leaf hydrangea...it was hiding under the low hanging oak tree branch in the front yard.  I had forgotten about planting it out there several years ago.

I also picked up two different lavender varieties from the store.  The smell wonderful

Our garden is doing good

The lettuce is growing great, I pulled out the meslum mix.  I didn't like the way it tasted it, so I won't be planting it again...maybe I'll try some Romaine or some Butter Lettuce...

The green beans are growing like crazy!  I have bush beans on the outside and pole beans in the middle next to the tomatoes.  We hung string from a PVC pipe contraption I devised last year so they can climb up.

The cucumbers are also taking off.

I have some little flowers on our tomato plants

The pepper plants have a little crumpled leafage on the top, I'm a little worried about that, I hope it's nothing...

The beets and radishes, well, those are the most fertile seeds.  I planted them on Good Friday and they sprouted on Sunday.  Unbelievable!  I don't like raw radishes, but I saw this recipe on Ten Dollar Dinners and wanted to give it a try.  Also, my kids love to pull things out of the ground.  Last year, the carrots were hugely successful and they loved going out to see how they were doing.  Admittedly, so did I!  We could barely wait the 65 days until maturity.  In fact, we were frequently caught pulling them up to "just see how they were growing". 

The watermelons sprouted.  I'm going to try to water these regularly to make sure they grow good.

The butternut squash sprouted too.  I'm glad I marked these with the seeds packets, or I would not know which was which, they looks so similar!

We didn't plant any zucchini or squash this year.  I'm planning to add another 4' x 8' section on the end of the garden to add them in next summer.  

So far, everything is growing well, but it's just begun.  I'm sure the bugs and varmints will be feasting before long and I'll have to get the capsicum spray out. 

We also worked in the backyard and took down some trees.  "We" didn't actually do it, my dad and brother did.  I'll share those next week.
Have a great week!

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    Susie said...

    Wow! You have peons already? We won't see ours until June!!!

    Alicia said...

    Candi, your garden looks UH.MAZ.ING!!!!
    I seriously need some rose gardening tips from you. My husband bought me a small pot of parade roses for Mother's Day. It looks like there are 4 different plants in the pot.
    I've always heard that roses are hard to grow...I'll need to keep these in containers so I can take them with us when we move. Any tips for me?
    Also, I'm in Florida, so it's HOT.
    Love, Alicia

    Becca's Dirt said...

    Love all those hydrangea's. Beautiful clematis. You sure have a lot of veggies growing.

    ~Holly~ said...

    Your peonies are beautiful! I'm still waiting for mine to bloom. I love them! Everything else looks good too! Your veggie garden is really taking off!

    April said...

    Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL! I sure wish I could grow plants like that.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

    Hopped over from the Tuesday Garden Party and enjoyed seeing all your colorful flowers! I am in the market for some more English lavender but have yet to find it locally....it is the best.

    Your veggies are way ahead of ours...looking great!

    Melynda said...

    Everything looks great, stopping by from Tuesday Garden Party at an Oregon Cottage.

    Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

    How pretty! Love all the color!

    Kristin said...

    Candi~ Your flowers are beautiful and your garden looks wonderful!
    This is our second year at gardening and I am learning so much.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Kristin

    Paula said...

    Your yard and garden is amazing! Love seeing all these pixx! Thanks for sharing! Paula from Idaho

    Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

    Your flowers are beautiful and the veggies look happy! No zukes??? I'm sure the neighbors will be able to help with that:@)

    The Schneiders said...

    Candi, your garden is beautiful. I love all the flowers around your yard. We really need to work on that next year.

    We planted meslum mix last fall, it grew so well. We were so excited...until we tasted it! We continued to grow it as a treat for the chickens. It survived all winter even when I didn't cover it until we had a deep freeze the first week of Feb. I'm thinking were going to grow it again this fall but in the chicken yard.

    Pam said...

    Thanks for linking up! We share alot of the same flowers!

    Jean said...

    Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! I love all your hydrangeas. The purple colored one is amazing. Your veggie garden is coming along nicely, too. Jean

    Beth said...

    Clematis and rose is such a pretty combination!

    Cherie said...

    I'm loving hydrangeas more and more. You have some lovely varieties.

    Southwest Cottage Designs said...

    GORGEOUS flowers! I'm not familiar with capsaicin spray. I'm growing (or trying to grow) a vegetable garden. I planted seeds and have no sprouts still after plenty of time. I even used chicken fertilizer, compost, etc. However, my little eggplant plant is doing good. This weekend I'll buy a few more vegetable plants. I'm wondering what can I do about the area where I planted seeds where there is no sprout yet. All of my tomato plants, though, are doing great.

    Shirley said...

    My goodness! Your garden is way ahead and growing like crazy. Some of us are just now planting our vegetables. It may even be too early yet. Typically, after May long weekend we're good to go.

    Love your hydrangeas. Too bad you have to move some. That'll be quite the feat.

    Mel Cole said...

    Oh my gosh, I like your square box gardening. Loved your peonies and other blooms. Hope to see you in my Fertilizer Friday post here.

    Larry said...

    Scrumptious roses and peonies especially... but all is very beautiful! L

    Anonymous said...

    pretty!!!! love the pics of the hydrangeas!!! the lacecap is beautiful :)
    your veggies are growing great!!! hope ours do as well :)

    Fishtail Cottage said...

    Love seeing your roses!! Thanks for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday...xoxo, tracie

    Jami said...

    Goodness, you make me wish for warmer climes...it all looks great!

    An Oregon Cottage


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