Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slimmer This Summer - Week 3 Update

Slimmer this Summer – Week 3 Update

Goals accomplished:

-stayed within my 1400 calorie daily goal
-exercised Monday, Wednesday and Friday (1.3 miles M, 3.1 miles T & 2.2 miles F)
-did strength training on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (used my new exercise ball and LOVED it!)
-water intake was pretty good, but I'm going to try to do better this week

I'm down to 202.8 – I lost another whole pound. So excited!!! 29 pounds gone for good!

I have been struggling with a dilemma. 

While I am excited about losing another pound, especially since last week I only dropped 0.2 pound, I think I'm starting to feel GREEDY!

Is this normal?

I don't know. Instead of the 1 pound weight loss, I want to see 2 and 3 pounds gone each week. I don't know why since my goal has always been to lose 1 pound a week. Maybe it's because I'm feeling really great and I want the outer me to feel like the inner me. Maybe it's because I see my friends looking great and I still feel fat. I just want to hurry up and lose the weight, but I know this method of “slower-is-better” is really the best way for me to keep the weight off. After all, I have been re-educating myself on what I can eat and how much. This has been truly rewarding and I cannot thank my new friend Kandace enough for telling me about the sparkpeople site. I have told as many friends and family about it as I could. My next goal is to help someone very dear to me. I cannot talk about it here, but maybe one day. Right now, I need to finish “fixing” me so I can be a better mentor to that someone.

So, for all of you who have lost weight, have you ever struggled with this greedy feeling? Is it a normal feeling? If not, what should I do differently to avoid feeling this way?

I welcome your candid comments.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Totally normal! :) We all want the pounds to come off faster but as long as they're coming off, we should be happy. lol...

You are doing great! Keep it up! It's healthier to lose it slower anyways. Great job!

Laura Jane @ Recovering Chocoholic said...

I definitely struggle with this feeling a lot! It's probably one of my biggest struggles on my weight loss journey. After working so hard, I so badly want to see "results." I have found, though, that no matter how fast you lose weight, it's just never fast enough. I lose about a pound a week and a friend who is also losing weight loses at a rate of 3 pounds a week. With both complained equally about our "slow" weight loss. One thing that has helped me some is the idea of enjoying the process of losing weight. I'm not saying that it's 100% fun all the time, but there are lots of non-scale things to enjoy about the process - feeling healthier, having more energy, having more control, exercise milestones, etc. In other words celebrate the changes you're making!

upinthecosmos said...

I think we all feel that greedy feeling. We all want it to be faster because we are a society of people who want things now, not later. I lost 8.6 pounds the first week which is amazing but I wanted more. I think I should be happy with any loss but I always want it to be more... wanting isn't so bad though, sometimes it just makes you work harder:-) Slow and steady wins the race but it doesn't hurt to run once in a while right... lots of people like to run:-)

Candi said...

I like what you have to say about celebrating the exercise milestones. I'm going to do that. I was just telling my mother-in-law on Saturday, that I never thought I'd be able to "run" at 5 mph. Now I'm able to run for 12 minutes and it feels so great! Thanks for reminding me!

Denise said...

Great job on the loss, and like everyone said, I think it's normal to want the weight to come off faster, but if it didn't go on overnight, it should come off overnight either ;-) You're doing all the right things, keep it up

downsizers said...

Impatient may be a better word than greedy. If there are very many pounds to lose, it seems like it is going to take forever but we are looking at it the wrong way when we look so far out. If we can stay in the moment and make today the only one that counts, we will one day see that magic number on the scale.

April said...

Hang in there Candi. What you are feeling is perfectly normal. You are doing great, and are able to do so many things that you weren't able to do before. (Like the exercise) Keep up the great work!

MB said...

In the past I would always try to calculate how long it would take me to lose "x" amount of pounds at 2 pounds per week and the first week I didn't reach that 2 pound mark I would get frustrated. I'm learning that my weight fluctuates up to 5 pounds in a week but there is a downward trend. Now I'm happy for any loss, even .1 and know that any small gain will be taken back off as long as I continue to be consistent with my diet and exercise routine. It's not as exciting as those Biggest Loser numbers but I believe slow and steady is the way to PERMANENT weight loss. You're doing great. Keep up the good work!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

YES! I so get that Greedy feeling! I remember losing weight on a regular basis and then it slowing down or stopping for a few weeks and just getting SUPER frustrated! Almost to the point of giving up, which of course makes no sense. You start calculating how much you'll weight at a certain date or you'll start exercising more, thinking it will speed it up. Yea, it can be frustrating. Just think how long it took to GET that heavy though, it didn't happen overnight. Keep going and you will get there!

Carrie said...


You are not "greedy". You are EAGER. Got it?

Greedy is sinful and bad. Eager is zealous and good.

Secondly, I was just reading an article on a well researched health blog that said one pound a week was the IDEAL weight loss! It is healthier and more sustainable. Any more than a pound a week and you are losing MUSCLE. Which is bad!

So go you!! :-)

Angie said...

Keep it up, great job so far! I love spark people too! Find me, I am KUAngie on the site.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carrie - Eager, not greedy. It's so easy to be over-eager, though. Unless you have the freedom to step away from your life and live at a ranch for months with professionals overseeing every bite you eat and every move you make, fast weight loss is not the way to go. You can get hurt.

SO..patience is key. Watch what goes in and burn off extra with exercise. The weigh loss will it's own time.

Michele said...

Yes, I have struggled with that greedy feeling in wanting to lose more weight. But, for me, I have learned that is just not possible. I would be happy with a one [pound loss a week especially when most weeks I only lose .5. SO, try not to think about losing more.Slow and steady wins the race. You want to set a good example of maintaining your loss too for your babes. You can do it. Slow and steady wins the race.


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