Friday, July 1, 2011

Monthly Meal Plan: July 2011

Busy, busy.  Isn't that how summertime is supposed to be?  Hot and busy!

Okay.  So this month we are so excited because our oldest son, "Woolly" will finally be moving in.  For. Good.  He's old enough to make the decision and he's wanted to live with us for as long as I can remember.  My husband has to finalize a few details with the court and with Woolly's mom, but other than that, looks like he'll be moving in July 9th.

We also have our annual District Convention July 22-24 in Duluth.  We are so excited about it.  This year we are in for a very special treat.  Two full dramas.  That's a big deal!  I can't wait!

I also have a few exciting cake orders due this month.  I'm anxious to see how they turn out.

Our meal plan is going to be simple this month.  We might try a few new meals, but nothing outlandish.

Monday - Crock Pot
Tuesday - Grilled Chicken Dump
Wednesday - Breakfast
Thursday - Rice Meal Kit
Friday - Pizza & Salad
Saturday - Tex Mex
Sunday - Burgers

  1. Thin Crust Pizza with Salad
  2. Refried Bean Nachos with Salad and salsa
  3. Burger - Black Bean Burgers
  4. Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken (Adobo Rubbed Chicken)
  5. Dump Chicken Grill - Lime Jalapeno Chicken
  6. Breakfast - Overnight French Toast
  7. Rice Meal Kit - Stacy's Southwestern Chicken & Rice (Using leftover Rotisserie Chicken)
  8. Thin Crust Pizza & Salad
  9. Tex Mex - Tacos
  10. Burgers - Chicken Parm Burgers
  11. Crock Pot Rotisserie Pork Roast (Cumin Citrus Rubbed)
  12. Dump Chicken -
  13. Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs with Turkey Sausage and fruit
  14. Rice Meal Kit - Chinese Chicken and Rice
  15. Thin Crust Pizza & Salad
  16. Tex Mex - Pork Carnitas Tacos (using leftover Pork Roast)
  17. Burgers - Turkey Pesto Burger
  18. Crock Pot - Rotisserie Chicken
  19. Dump Chicken
  20. Breakfast - Baked Oatmeal, fruit and Nuts
  21. Rice Meal Kit - Fiesta Salad - replacing beans with leftover Rotisserie Chicken)
  22. Convention - Thin Crust Pizza & Salad or dinner out
  23. Convention - Tex Mex or dinner out
  24. Convention - Burgers or dinner out
  25. Crock Pot - Pork Roast
  26. Dump Chicken
  27. Breakfast - Pancakes
  28. Rice Meal Kit - Chinese Pork and Rice (using leftover pork roast)
  29. Pizza & Salad
  30. Tex Mex
  31. Burgers
Hope you have a great month!



    April said...

    How excited you all must be, to have your oldest son moving in! I'm happy for you all. :)

    EmptyNester said...

    How exciting! So glad that he's getting to move in with y'all!

    Look at you all organized and planned for the month! I'm totally impressed!

    Ms. Scooter Butt said...

    What a great plan system. Doing it all in advance. You got it together!


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