Monday, November 7, 2011

Meal Plan Monday 11/7/11

Have you found pinterest yet?  Oh my, it's my latest addiction!  I love how you can "pin" pictures to your "boards" and go back later on to see them.  This works especially well for me since I have fewer and fewer smarticle particles daily and can't seem to remember anything.  You can pin pretty much, craft ideas, home decorating ideas, favorite name it, it's there.  And if it's not there, as long as you have the website url, you can create a pin for it.  I'm still figuring it all out but I really do love it.

So while browsing pinterest I found a few new recipes to try.  We haven't been very adventurous in that department in quite a while, so I figured it's time.  I'll probably tweak a few as I go and let you know about them later on. 

Monday - Granny's Chili

Tuesday - Pumpkin Pasta with Sausage* with Broccoli or Green Beans (I'll probably use fat free evaporated milk instead of half and half)

Wednesday - Breakfast for supper - Scrambled eggs with Turkey Bacon, Oranges

Thursday - Crock Pot - Chicken Ropa Vieja* over brown rice

Friday - Cheesy Enchilada Stack* with Guacamole Salad (I'll probably use corn tortillas instead of flour)

Saturday - Braided Cheese Loaf (using crescent rolls filled with shredded mozzarella and Monterrey Jack cheeses, brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with garlic salt) Cocktail Meatballs and marinara for dipping and fruit

Sunday - Turkey Dinner for my parents anniversary

I also haven't been couponing in months.  I had such a huge stockpile, I quit buying multiples of sale items.  Guess what?  I've done this before and it doesn't work well.  Once you start couponing, don't stop!!!  I've been buying the newspapers so I have the coupons.  Now I just have to get back into the groove and get the deals.  Hopefully, we can get back in the swing of things this week.  My husband got a promotion at work and now he gets paid every other week.  That means an overhaul to the budget.  And I'll have to start figuring out the best way to get groceries weekly again.  You know I don't like change, and it takes me a little while to get adjusted.  But it's a good thing and I will adjust :)

Hope you have a great week! 


Carrie said...

Maybe you could start shopping every two weeks instead of weekly?

I recently started doing this because I wanted to stay home more and do fewer errands. So I make my meal plan for two weeks. I LOVE IT.

I go to ALDI twice a month and get everything I buy there, but I do still do a quick Publix trip weekly to get the great deals. Unless there's nothing super exciting there, and I skip it or hubby does it.

It's been working great for me!

Susie said...

That pumpkin dish looks yummy!!!

Candi said...

Great idea Carrie! I do love Aldi. I've been shopping at the local Food Depot since they have great reduced meats (I know...don't remind me of the Food Inc...) In fact, I've gotten so used to shopping there, I pretty much quit couponing...but I really need to stockpile some basics...I like the idea of going to Publix weekly. I'll give the two week meal plan a try. I already do the monthly meal plan anyway.


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