Monday, February 6, 2012

Meal Plan Monday 2/6/12

Did you have a good weekend?  It was pretty good for us.  At the Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop, we held our second Cupcake Extravaganza and sold out of over 300 cupcakes by 2:30 in the afternoon.  Crazy!  Everything was so good too.  Pretty cupcakes always make me happy :)

My husband told me about a new guy at work who moved here from El Paso, Texas because of his wife's allergy to a specific grass.  Turns out, they are Jehovah's Witnesses!  They live nearby but attend the Spanish congregation in Atlanta to help out.  They came over for our superbowl party.  We don't really have a party.  Mostly, good food and good company.  Usually it's only my parents and my brother, we like to keep it small because my dad actually watches the game.  The new couple are super nice and they loved my Jalapeno Popper Dip.  It was so good!  What a great experiment! 

So we have a ton of leftovers and that's what we're going to be eating this week...

Monday:  BBQ Pork over mashed potatoes with peas and broccoli

Tuesday:  BBQ Pork tacos with Guacamole Salad

Wednesday:  Buffalo Wings, Asian Hot Wings with celery, carrot and cucumber sticks and chipotle ranch dip

Thursday:  Chicken and Rice Soup (using leftover Rotisserie Chicken)

Friday:  Oz Pizza and their Greek Salad YUM!

Saturday:  Wooley and I are going to be doing our first 5K of the year.  It's his first ever.  I've done this race before and it's a pretty easy course.  I'm planning to do another one in April and then a 10K in July.  I have my sights on the Savannah Half Marathon in November.  I hope I can reach my goal!!!  Anyway, we'll be eating out for breakfast and then we'll do Lemon Pepper Grilled Chicken with Quinoa and Steamed Veggies

Sunday:  Salmon Cakes and oven fries for lunch and Pizza Pasta for Supper with a salad.

Have a great week!

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