Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monthly Meal Plan: March 2012

This month my husband and I are auxiliary pioneering.  If you are not familiar with that, it means we will be participating in a special ministry where we commit to spending at least 30 hours a month preaching about the Bible and God's Kingdom.  Normally the requirement is 50 hours, but this is a special month of activity since the Memorial of Christ's death is in April and we'll be distributing the invitation from door-to-door.  So if you see us coming, don't shut door :)

Earlier this week I spent a couple of days in the kitchen doing my OAMC day(s).  Here's my monthly meal plan to use up the things we made:

Monday - Casseroles
Tuesday - Soups
Wednesday - Breakfast
Thursday - Crock Pot Dump Chicken
Friday - Pizza or using our certificates
Saturday - Sandwiches/Italian
Sunday - Leftovers/Tex-Mex

  1. Apricot Jam Dump Chicken
  2. Oz Pizza
  3. Turkey Sloppy Joes for lunch/Lasagna for supper
  4. Leftovers for lunch/Bean Nachos for supper
  5. Buffalo Chicken Pie
  6. Hoppin' John Soup*
  7. Breakfast for Dinner (Southwestern Scramble over Baked potatoes)
  8. Pesto Chicken Dump
  9. $2 Gift Certificate to Tyme Out Neighborhood Grill
  10. Pizza Steak Sandwiches for lunch/Spaghetti for supper
  11. Leftovers for lunch/Bean Burritos for supper
  12. Chicken Enchiladas
  13. Mexican Chicken and Rice Soup
  14. Breakfast for Dinner
  15. Lime & Jalapeno Chicken Dump
  16. Oz Pizza
  17. Turkey Sloppy Joes for lunch/Spaghetti for supper
  18. Leftover for lunch/Bean Nachos for supper
  19. Buffalo Chicken Pie
  20. Chili
  21. Breakfast
  22. Balsamic Mustard Chicken Dump
  23. Oz Pizza
  24. Pizza Steak Sandwiches for lunch/Lasagna for supper
  25. leftovers for lunch/Bean Burritos for supper
  26. Chicken Enchiladas
  27. Lentils and Sausage Soup
  28. Breakfast
  29. Asian Chicken Dump (Ken's Steakhouse Asian Sesame dressing with added ginger and soy)
  30. La Parrilla
  31. Tuna Sandwiches for lunch/Pineapple BBQ Meatballs
Okay dokey...hope the month goes smoothly without any hiccups!


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