Monday, March 5, 2012

OAMC March 2012 Completed...sort of

 My week got crazy busy.   In fact, I can't even remember what happened the early part of last week.  That's so sad!

I started out Monday with intentions of completing half of my list of recipes and meals.  Then I realized I miscalculated my ground turkey and didn't have enough, so I made what I could on Monday and then went out Tuesday and got more last minute food items...including 4 pounds of ground turkey.  Wooley helped me on Monday and Tuesday, but we still didn't get completely done.  I didn't get to the Turkey Sloppy Joes, so I'll do that as a batch cooking method and freeze the leftovers for another meal later in the month.  Also last Friday I stopped by Food Depot to see about getting some of things I needed for this week and they had chicken breasts marked down to $.59/pound.  Talk about STEAL!  I bought 5 packs with 4 breasts in each pack.  They needed to be frozen or cooked that day, so I got home and did the dump recipes using them.  WOOHOO! 
(The chicken dump bags in the freezer...ignore the frosty freezer.)

Here's what we got done:
4 meals of Smashed Pintos (for bean nachos, bean burritos, bean tostadas...whatever floats our boat that night)
1 lasagna (I didn't have enough pasta sheets for 2)
4 spaghetti meat sauce (portioned and ready to thaw and heat through with some pasta)
2 Kickin' Chicken Enchilada Casseroles* (we used leftover smoked chicken quarters from my husband's work and layered everything in casserole dishes with tortillas and broken taco shells)
4 Chicken Dump recipes - for crockpot
2 Beef Pizza sandwich - dump recipe for crockpot
2 Buffalo Chicken Casseroles - I used ground turkey, diced tomatoes and 1/4 cup Buffalo wing sauce omitting the water altogether and topped with Ranch mashed potatoes.  YUM!
(Buffalo Chicken Shepherd's Pie)

That's a grand total of 19 meals.  Plus I have the ground turkey to make the sloppy joes, that's 2 more for a total of 21.  Then we're planning breakfast for dinner 4 nights...that's 25 meals and eating out 4 times this month using gift certificates...that's 29 meals.
(I know it doesn't look like a lot of meals.  I poured everything into 1 gallon food storage baggies and pressed them flat.  Once they were frozen, I pulled them off a cookie sheet and stored them flat in the deep freezer.)
I think that's pretty good!

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