Monday, March 5, 2012

Meal Plan Monday 3/5/12

I helped my brother over the weekend at the Atlanta Pet Show.  It was a lot of fun!  I'll share some pictures later on.  Our week is going to be super busy, so I'm really glad I did my OAMC day last week.

Monday:  Buffalo Chicken Shepherd's Pie (new recipe) with green beans

Tuesday:  Hoppin' John Soup (new recipe from my friend Donna) with cornbread

Wednesday:  Breakfast for Dinner - Southwestern Scramble over Baked Potatoes with turkey sausage (I'll share the recipe tomorrow)

Thursday:  Pesto Chicken Dump in slow cooker with rice, tossed salad and Grandmother Bell's dressing (I made the pesto using 4 to 1 ratio of spinach to basil since my husband isn't fond of fresh basil.  I'm interested in seeing how this tastes.  If it turns out well, I'll share the recipe.)

Friday:  Dinner out at local restaurant using one of our $25 gift certificate from  I bought it last week for $2!

Saturday:  Lunch:  Pizza Steak Sandwiches (Dump recipe in a bag in the in slow cooker) serving on bun or over pasta with salad;  Dinner:  Bean Burritos using Smashed Pintos from the freezer and avocado salad

Sunday:  Lunch:  Leftovers from whatever we have in the fridge;  Dinner:  Spaghetti with salad and peasant bread

Breakfasts:  Banana Oat Muffins (scored some old bananas at Food Depot for $.50) with Greek yogurt (stirring in 1 tablespoon apricot preserves, almonds and drizzle of honey)

Lunches:  Turkey Sandwiches with avocado and apple or grapes

Snacks:  Turkey and cheese with apple or grapes;  Popcorn and almonds

That's pretty much it!  Hope you have a great week!


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