Monday, February 11, 2013

Meal Plan Monday 2/11/13

We planned our vegetable garden over the weekend and cleared out the old patch beside the house.  We didn't get to plant a garden last year and I sorely missed it.  I found an amazing site online called through pinterest. (thanks friends who shared the pin!) and I love it!  It follows the square foot gardening approach that I like so much.  It's visual with pictures.  Another plus for me.  It tells you when you can plant seeds per type and how many of each variety.

My husband gave the talk in Stone Mountain yesterday.  They have a double hall with a basement.  There were a total of 12 congregations meeting there!  AND there's a CO apartment in the basement.  It was huge!

The kids are doing better.  Sissy had a runny nose and her voice is hoarse.  Pretty sure it's from playing outside Saturday.  We are all affected by seasonal allergies and she and my husband are the worse.  We also cut her bangs over the weekend.  She looks cute!  She reminds me of my cousin Karen.

This week we're eating:

Monday:  Posole using leftover chicken and pork...trying a mixture of these two recipes Posole with Turkey and Chicken Posole

Tuesday: Jalapeno Popper Chicken with Salad

Wednesday: Breakfast...maybe bacon waffles and eggs

Thursday:  Pineapple Brown Sugar Ham (in the slow cooker), mashed sweet potatoes/white potatoes, macaroni & cheese, green beans

Friday:  Slow Cooker Orange Chicken, rice and broccoli and green beans

Saturday:  Lunch:  Granny's Chili  with Corn Dog Mini Muffins (we didn't get to this last week), supper is leftovers

Sunday:  Lunch:  Sandwiches and fruit; Rotisserie Chicken in the Crock Pot with potatoes and peas;


Breakfast for me: Oatmeal and Quinoa Breakfast Bowl with fruit and almonds and yogurt;  Egg white scramble with veggies with cheese or yogurt and applesauce.

Lunches for me:  Tuna Beans and Celery, fruit;  Chickpea Salad with fruit

Snacks for me:  Brown bag popcorn with parm cheese;  apple, cheese and almonds

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