Sunday, September 6, 2009

Frugal Costume: Princess Leia

Dragon Con is in full swing here in Atlanta. We took the kids last year to people-watch and see all the people dressed in character. It's really fascinating to see all the different Sci-Fi genres in one place. When we went last year, I saw lots of little kids dressed up and I thought it would be so fun to dress our kids next time.

Dragon Con was here before I knew it and I really had not prepared. In fact, my hubby asked me on Friday if I wanted to take the kids on Saturday night and walk around. So I got busy trying to create a little costume for our daughter. I had a white pillowcase, an old men's white dress shirt, an old foam helmet I bought at the Dollar Tree last year for the boys who attended the princess party and some needle and thread. I don't own a sewing machine so I had to stitch this by hand. Since I literally had all of these things on hand, I would have to say it was a FREE frugal is that?!?!

This is what I came up with:

I told my husband if I needed to explain who she was portraying, I obviously did not do a good enough job. But thankfully everyone recognized our little Princess Leia and even took pictures of her at dinner and then while we were walking around.

It was so much fun that we are going to plan on doing it every year and continue eating at our favorite downtown Tex-Mex restaurant Mama Ninfa's.

Until next year!


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