Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tea Parties and Teddy Bears

I love making homemade goodies for tea parties, bridal showers and baby showers.  It gives me great joy to see others enjoy the food I make.  My momma and I love to share a pot of tea.  And we love to host little tea parties with my daughter.  We make scones, tea sandwiches, cookies, truffles, quiches, savory pinwheels, you name it, we've made it.

This week my daughter was learning the letter "T".  And of course, we had to have a Tea Party.  And why not include her Teddy Bears too!

I made profiteroles (I'll be sharing the recipe next week) and High Tea Orange Cookies.  We included some chocolate truffles rolled in powdered sugar.  My momma made some strawberry sandwiches and homemade brownies (I begged her for the recipe, hopefully I'll get to share that with you soon), both of them cut out of gingerbread people.  I also did a little ham and cheese roll up with a pickle spear tucked inside.  It turned out super fun and delicious.

When you homeschool your children, it doesn't always have to be about the books.  Don't forget, children learn best by seeing and doing things hands on. In fact, she was able to learn a little "Tea Etiquette" for future parties!


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Amy @ Finer Things said...

How sweet is that. My girlies would have so much fun with a "real" tea party. ;)

Sharon said...

Oh! That is just lovely! I don't think my toddler son would be nearly as delicate as your little lady. He'd be pretty psyched about the brownie gingerbread men though!

A terrific idea. I'm really considering homeschooling, and it's such a blessing to see other moms and their creativity. You go girl!


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