Thursday, February 4, 2010

Basic Couponing 101: Step 5 - Online Resources

This is Step 5 in a series about Basic Couponing 101:  
Online Resources

Did you miss Step 1 - Stockpiling?

There are hundreds of blogs and blogs-turned-websites that do coupon match-ups for grocery stores and drug stores.  So while I might not list everyone of them out there, I do subscribe to quite a few via email.  Most of the sites I frequent, offer this subscription in their sidebar.  Enter your email address and then confirm an email to begin receiving updates.  Two of my most favorite sites are Southern Savers and I Heart Publix.  They do a wonderful job every week bringing us all the items on sale and matching a coupon to the sale item.  Southern Savers offers a variety of grocery stores in the Southeastern United States.  You can find these in tabs on her header.  I Heart Publix offers coupon match ups for Publix (I know go figure!) and lists the current booklets available in the Publix supermarket.  Michelle is in the Atlanta area and so I'm able to get the best match up with coupons from the AJC from her site.  If you are not in the Southeast Region, you might benefit from two other sites:  Bargain Briana's Frugal Map and BeCentsable's Grocery Gathering.  You can search by state and locate a blog or site which offers coupon match ups for your local grocery chains and drug stores.

(If you don't see your state listed, why not create your own blog and help others save some money?  You can learn more about blogging by reading the Probloggers Tips.)

Once you have learned the grocery game of saving more than 50-70% on your grocery bill, you'll be ready to learn the Drug Store game.  Namely CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid.  I personally do not shop at Rite-Aid because I'm not really interested in waiting for my rebate checks.  If you are interested in learning the ropes of Rite-Aid, you can read this Rite-Aid 101 Tutorial by Centsable Momma.  I shop at CVS and Walgreens, usually weekly.  Andrea at Mommy Snacks has a wonderfully detailed tutorial about working the Walgreens deals to your best advantage.  She teaches you everything you need to know.  Lissa at Saving Your Cents has spent hours creating this CVS tutorial.  She has listed everything from photos to ECBs, you can't go wrong reading this tutorial!  She equips you with everything you need to know.

There are other sites which can help you save money on your grocery bill.  You can visit and  These sites offer eCoupons which can be downloaded to your shopper's card.  Kroger is the only grocery store in our area currently accepting eCoupons.  (Kroger also offers an eCoupon service called softcoin.  Once you register you Kroger Plus card online, you'll be able to take advantage of this option.)  When you register on these eCoupon sites, you'll notice a list of stores available in your area.
Printable coupons are easy to access on your computer, but make sure you are using reputable sources.  If you visit a coupon site requesting information other than your email, DO NOT comply.  It's also a good idea to create a free email account solely for the purpose of coupons, contests and free offers that might end up with you receiving junk mail.  Here are the only sites I would recommend printing coupons from:,, and any manufacturer's site such as Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Proctor & Gamble, etc. 
When I explained the different methods of coupon organization, I explained the Do-Not-Cut-Your-Coupons method.  If you choose to use this method, at some point you'll need to find coupons within the pages of your uncut inserts. and have coupon databases you can search through by typing in the name of the product. also offers a coupon database by state.  This is very helpful when trying to determine the amount of a coupon for a grocery deal you might want to cash in on.  (View this VLOG to show you how to navigate these sites.)
I have enjoyed sharing the coupon knowledge I have learned.  I hope this Basic Couponing 101 Series was helpful and helps you save a ton of money at the stores. 


Christina said...

I remember Jodi's layered dip! YUM! If I can get out of my driveway I might go to a party Sunday! Thanks

Sandra said...

Great tips! I frequent several of the websites you listed.

Amy Rainey said...

Great series, Candi! There is a lot of great information here. Thanks for stopping by my blog this week!


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