Monday, February 8, 2010

Shopping Trip 2/8/10: Publix, Food Depot, Kroger, CVS

Before we have our Super Bowl party Sunday afternoon, I wanted to pick up a few things we'd need for a couple of recipes.  I've been watching the prices of chicken wings and I can't believe they are nearly $3 per pound.  I mean we're talking about the wings!  So I went to Food Depot in the next town over because they usually have cheap prices on chicken wings.  I was so excited to spy out the reduce chicken wings for $.99 per pound!  They had to be sold by today and I put them in the bottom of my fridge to stay the coolest until tomorrow night when I'll soak them in buttermilk.  I also picked up a few fruits and veggie while there:
Food Depot:
Ground Cumin $1.88
(2) Lemon Pepper seasonings $.42 each
Gum $.83
(2) Packs of Chicken Wings $3.39 and $3.94 
Cranberries $.98
(6) Limes $1.00
Fuji Apples $.68/lb $2.72
Cilantro $.64 
(6) Roma tomatoes $1.20
(2) Red onions $1.00
= $20.88 OOP and no coupons

I also wanted to pick up the rest of the things I needed at Publix and get the deals while I was there.  I used the overage on the Knox Gelatin to buy 4 packages of Ground Turkey for FREE! I should have waited on the organic milk.  The kids were going nuts and I wasn't thinking straight.  I got home and still had 1-1/2 gallons left from previous shopping trips.  Kroger frequently reduces their organic milk from $2.99 to $1.49.  I used at $1/1 printable and wish I had saved it.   
Lesson learned:  don't shop in the late afternoon before supper...the kids go crazy!

(4) Packs Ground Turkey $2.63, $2.61, $2.59, $2.63
(4) Knox Gelatins ($2.61 overage) x 4 (I used this overage to pay for the turkey)
(2) Smithfield Bacon $1.45 each
Nature Valley Nut Clusters $.99 each (peelie on pkg for $1/1)
Celery $1.49
Carrots $1.59
Potatoes $2.49
English Cucumber $2.29 (I'll be so glad when I can grow my own this summer!)
(2) Organic Valley Milk $2.99 each
(2) Yo Kids yogurt $.60 each
Athenos Feta $1.79
Nestle Mini Chocolate Chips $2.50
(4) Avocados $.50 each (These are so unripe, I placed a really ripe banana in the bag to help them along so I can use them Sunday for my Black Bean Salsa.)
(2) Kellogg's Special K Granola $.99 each
(4) Organic Pumpkin Puree $.50 each (on clearance rack)
(4) Lloyd's BBQ $1.74 each
Artichoke Hearts quartered $2.15 (for the Greek Garden Spread)
Publix sweetened condensed milk $1.99
.25/lb Pepperoni $2.35 - (they charged me for Genoa Salami at $9.29/lb...the pepperoni is only $7.29/lb and it should have only been $1.83 - oh well, I didn't notice it until I got home.)
= $44.77 OOP saved $66.10 (60%)

1st order:
(6) Boxes Ritz Crackers $2.00
(1) Cheetos $.33
- $5.49 ECB from last week
- (3) $2/2 Ritz crackers coupons
- $1 ECB from using by Green Bag Tag
= $.18 OOP saved $24.43 (99%)

2nd order:
(2) 2 pk Toothbrushes $3.99
(1) Sweetheart candy $.50
- $3 ECB from 1st order (Nabisco deal)
- $3.99 for BOGO Reach coupon 
- $1.00 Reach toothbrush coupon
= $1.07 OOP saved $12.24 (92%)

3rd order:
Gillette Fusion Razor $8.99
Sweetheart candy $.50
- $4 ECB from 2nd order
- $4 Fusion razor coupon
= $2.14 OOP saved $9.25 (81%)

(4) Caprisun $1.07
(2) Purex $1.49
(4) Kraft BBQ Sauce $.69
(2) 5 lb bags Flour $1.79
= $14.14 OOP saved $11.44 (45%)
...and I received $4 Catalina for the Purex deal!!!  This is available until 3/7/10 per the Catalina.  

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Nicole said...

I am working my up to figure out to do the CVS deals... they can really make this stuff confusing! i have written down some of your items for me to look at getting on my shopping trip tomorrow =)
- Nicole

Candi said...

Hi Nicole, I'll be uploading a "virtual shopping trip" of today's trip to Walgreens, CVS and Kroger. I've had a couple of people who wanted to go shopping with me and I figured what better way than to record it and upload. Hopefully it will make sense :)


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