Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maters, Peppers and Beans...OH MY!

Last week, the kids and I made our way to Lowe's and Walmart to check out the vegetable plant selection.  We went to Lowe's first.  I found a roughed up little Cilantro plant on the reduced shelf for only $ know could I pass that up!  Besides the fact that my poor little seedlings didn't make it in the ground.  I also found two 'Black Beauty' Eggplants for $3.00.  While we were there, I picked up the PVC pipes for the make-shift trellis'.  Don't make fun yet!  You'll be jealous when you see how glamorous these are going to look with the beans and cukes climbing up them!  Or not...we'll see, you let me know, okay?

Then we made our way to Walmart.  We picked up two Jalapeno Pepper plants and two Yellow Bell Pepper plants.  Speaking of the bell pepper plants.  Does anyone know if the Yellow Bell Pepper is really a Green Bell Pepper, but you just leave it on the plant until it turns Yellow???  Just wondering.  Anyways, we left very happy people since the Jalapeno pepper plants were only $1.00 each! 

We made our last stop to the local Feed & Seed store to pick up a 4 cubic bag of Vermiculite.  I called around to all of the home improvement stores, but no one carried it.  Then I called some nurseries and they wanted about $20 per bag.  So out of curiosity, I decided to call the feed and seed store.  Imagine my surprise when the guy said "Yep, we got some of that vermiculite."  And when he said it was only $16.99 per bag...well, I couldn't turn that down.  

During Hunter's naptime, Haylei and I decided to go out and mix up Mel's Mix.  It was really fun and Haylei had a ball.  Sorry I don't have pictures, it was just us and I've been borrowing my Momma's camera and didn't want to ruin it by getting dirt inside.  How do I know about this?  Well, I am borrowing my Momma's camera remember?  Ours is at the camera doctor getting dirt removed from the lens.  Gee, who knew?

Back to the gardening...

So today, we planted sweet peas, 'Sugar Baby' watermelons, butternut squash, pickling cukes, seedless cukes,  'Black Beauty' eggplants, yellow bell peppers, jalapeno peppers all in the baby pools (thanks to Christy at Southern Plate for this great idea!) and I think that's it.

Last weekend we planted some Pole Beans that I saved from last year.  We tested the seeds to make sure they were viable and were pleasantly surprised to find out they were fine.  Well, after 10 days in the ground, only two decided to grace us with their presence.  So I planted some Kentucky Pole Beans in the empty places and finished the row with some Yellow Wax Beans.

What's growing so far?  

Let's see, we've got the 15 tomato plants, and they are doing great!  They are still pretty tiny but they look really healthy and are standing on their own.

We also have those two green bean sprouts.

The carrots are finally making their appearance along with the Nasturtiums.

I planted a second round of Nasturtiums so they'll be about 2 weeks behind the others.

The spinach, Swiss chard and  lettuces are doing great too!

I bought some purple potatoes at the organic Farmers' Market and they have "eyes" on them.  I'm thinking about planting a row of purple potatoes.  Do you think it might work?  I'll let you know...

How does your garden grow?  Visit these blogs to see what others are doing:


Susie said...

Your are going to have a great garden!! Everything looks so good:-)

Laura said...

You've inspired me to get out in the garden! I have a lot of weeding to do. :) We planted yellow bell peppers last year, and they were green and small first, but ripened to a sweet yellow. I think you'll like them. They taste a little more like a red bell pepper than a green one. Do you like spring mix lettuces? We have been growing that for a few years now. You can even grow it in pots -- just scatter sow some mesclun mix seeds and then add a layer of soil on top. You'll have "cut and come again" lettuce in about three weeks!

April said...

You have a great variety in your garden. I can't wait till I can start picking fresh veggies from my garden.

Candi said...

Thanks Jami for the info about the bell peppers...I always wondered about that! And I did plant the purple potatoes. I have 4 little mounds and hopefully they'll be ready in a few months time.

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

Your garden looks great. Yes you can plant those potatoes, just cut them up in chunks according to the eyes, and plant them about 6 inches deep, you will have leaves in no time.

Alea said...

Your garden looks wonderful! Your potatoes should so well. I have red, white, and blue potatoes planted this year. They are not too crazy about the snow, but they are still alive.

Money Saving Maine-iac said...

I have 3 weeks before I can plant our beens here in zone 5. I can't wait though. Yours gives me encouragement. I've been clipping recipes in high hopes!

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