Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow? 11/23/10

Last Wednesday, the kids and I got out in the yard to clean up the "vegetable garden".  I use that term loosely since the weeds had really taken over back in July.  I could barely get to my jalapeno pepper plant!  

Look what we found!

A butternut squash, some jalapeno peppers, purple potatoes, little baby carrots and tons of little green tomatoes.  I'm afraid we might get some frost and I certainly didn't want to lose all those little tomatoes, so the kids picked them and I'm trying to decide whether we should make Green Tomato Jam or Green Tomato Chow Chow.  What do you think I should make?  I've never done either recipe before.

I had totally forgotten about the purple potatoes until I was raking out the mess of weeds.  They are so little and I didn't get that many, but I did get a few!  My first time too!

Here's what the mess looked like before:

...and here's what it looked like when I was done.  And when I say "done", I mean my hands and legs were done!
I left two tomato plants, just to see if the smaller green tomatoes will get a little bigger before frost.  I also left my jalapeno pepper plant.  That thing has been the best little purchase ever!  I must have gotten over 50 jalapeno peppers off that one plant!

Check out the pile of weeds!

Maybe I'll be able to get some collards in the ground before too long.  We'll see.


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Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

Wow what a nice surprise, I've always wanted to make fried green tomatoes. Lots of hard work and some great produce, gotta love that.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

That is awesome!! I want a garden so bad, but I don't trust my dog not to pee on it!!

Anonymous said...

We also just picked our green tomatoes since they are expecting frost. Here is what we do with our green tomatoes. We leave them in a closed box (or you can cover the box with news papers) in a warm (room temp)dark room and they will turn red at different times so you should check them frequently (first time it might take a week or so). We eat them raw in salads when they turn red or for cooking. If I have to many I wash, half or quarter them and freeze in plastic bags to use in soups or sauces. You can easily peel them once you defrost them slightly.


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