Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monthly Meal Plan: September 2011

This month I really need to work on stockpiling my dry pantry.  We are running low on oatmeal, cereal and frozen veggies.  But the thing about the frozen veggies, is that our freezer is slowly dying.  The frost is ridiculous and so I'm trying to old off on stockpiling frozen veggies, but buying them when we need them during the week.  Which is not always cost effective, but at this point I need to be practical.  I also need to eat up the frozen meats I've stockpiled over the last couple of months.  I have a ham in there from April.  There are several small packages of ground sirloin and chicken breasts in there too.  

So here's the plan...

Monday - Tex Mex - bean meal
Tuesday - Chicken meal
Wednesday - Breakfast
Thursday - Crock Pot
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Leftovers or dinner out
Sunday - Ground beef meal

  1. crock pot Brown Sugar Chicken
  2. Ham dinner 
  3. Mama Ninfa's for Dragon*Con
  4. ground beef (no school) XLean Beef Enchilada
  5. tex mex (bean) Bean Quesadillas
  6. chicken - Herbed Baked Chicken Breasts
  7. breakfast (egg) Frittata
  8. Crock Pot Salsa Chicken
  9. pizza
  10. leftovers
  11. Poole's BBQ after Apple Picking
  12. tex mex (bean) Simple Bean Burrito
  13. chicken Chicken Tikka Masala (need to remember to get garam masala)
  14. breakfast (egg)
  15. crock pot Lasagna
  16. pizza
  17. leftovers
  18. ground beef North African Meatballs
  19. tex mex (bean) 1983 Bean Nachos
  20. chicken Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
  21. breakfast (egg)
  22. crock pot Buffalo Chicken Lasagna
  23. pizza
  24. leftovers
  25. ground beef Meatball Curry
  26. (bean) Pasta Fagioli
  27. chicken BBQ Bacon Wrapped Chicken
  28. breakfast (egg)
  29. crock pot Creamy Italian Chicken
  30. pizza
I know this will change, but it's nice to have something to reference throughout the month.  I need the semblance of control in my life. 

Have a great week!



Susie said...

Great month for me to tune in here! I picked up 3 recipes from you:-)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Our familys seriously eat alike! I could totally just use this entire menu!


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