Monday, August 29, 2011

Meal Plan Monday 8/29/11

This week I'm going to work on our monthly meal plan.  Wooley is going to be helping out with dinner.  I'm hoping to teach him some basic cooking lessons.  He enjoys cooking and learning new techniques will be fun for both of us.  

Last week we had the visit of our Circuit Overseer.  I'm trying to get into a routine.  I've spent countless hours trying to get approval for GCA for Wooley.  My husband has decided we need to move forward and sign up for American High School.  I hope it works out good.  So back to our routine...I'm trying to make Wednesday our service morning.  Monday's our grocery trip.  Tuesday and Friday are our clean up days including laundry.  And as the weather cools off, I want to spend more time at the park playing, drawing, running, enjoying nature walks...We'll see how that works...

September is going to be a fun month.  I have a cute baby shower cake due this weekend.  I'll share pictures next week.  We are going on our annual apple picking trip to B J Reece Apple Orchards.  This will be Wooley's first time.  We're very excited.  I'm going to incorporate some homeschool lessons about apples before we go.  Boo-Boo and I have been working on an apple book I printed out for him.  Mostly about counting and colors. 

This week we'll be eating out of the freezer.  I need to keep the food rotating out of there since the gasket is not fully closing and it seems to be creating a lot of frost. 

Monday:  Sweet & Spicy Short Rib Taco with Rice and Beans, Avocado

Tuesday:  Asian Chinese Chicken (using breasts), Chinese 5 Spice and Ginger Rice, peas & carrots
Wednesday:  Eggs and Turkey Bacon, toast and oranges

Thursday:  Crock Pot Brown Sugar Chicken over brown rice with green beans

Friday:  Pizza

Saturday:  Dinner out

Sunday:  Ham Dinner, Macaroni and Cheese, Green Beans, Sweet Potato Mash with brown sugar & butter

Breakfasts:  hard-boiled eggs, toast, cottage cheese with apples and almonds;  Rabbit-in-the-Hole with fruit

LunchesFiesta Salad with fruit;  Turkey Sandwiches with avocado and tomatoes with fruit

Snacks:  Strawberry Smoothies with cocoa almonds;  turkey wrapped string cheese with pearsauce* (I'll share pictures soon.); kettle corn popcorn with cocoa almonds

Have a great week!



Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Turkey wrapped cheese with pear sauce certainly sounds interesting!

Susie said...


Unknown said...

I've been thinking about trying that brown sugar chicken, but the amount of sugar it calls for has me kind of leery. Let me know how it turns out for you, so I'll know whether to make it myself. Have a great week!


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