Friday, November 18, 2011

Meal Plan Monday 11/21/11

Last Friday Sissy came down with a serious ear infection, so we stayed in the house Saturday and Sunday.  I had a couple of cake orders due at work, so I went in early Saturday and again later that day to finish up and start on one due for Sunday.  You get a little stir crazy when the little ones are sick, so I was glad to get out of the house if only for a few hours.

Our small town grocery store offered 20 pound bags of potatoes for $5.99 so I bought one.  So I've adjusted our meal plan from the monthly plan to accommodate the potatoes.  I'll also put some in a box in the garage since it's cooler out there.  They'll last longer in the dark box.  

We STILL have not tried the Cheesy Enchilada Stack or the Chicken Ropa Vieja.  I'm putting it back on the list again this week.  We ended up eating out last week and I was pooped from long hours at work. 

This week we're eating:

Monday:  Shepherd's Pie with bread

Tuesday: Potato Soup with Turkey Bacon

Wednesday:  Breakfast Casserole (Baked Hashbrowns)

Thursday:  Chicken Ropa Vieja* over brown rice

Friday:  Cheesy Enchilada Stack*

Saturday:  Taco Potatoes

Sunday:  Subway

I hope you all have a great week!



Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

So are you busy at the bakery on Thursday or don't you do pies?

(wreckedher) said...

So with the potato tacos do you sub out the heavy cream for fat free evaporated milk?


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