Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 2/8/10

Weekly Breakfasts:  cereal, blueberry bagels
Weekly Lunches:  macaroni & cheese with peas, cheese sandwiches
Weekly Snacks:  graham crackers and peanut butters, apple slices

Monday:  Chicken & Dumplings (my brother made this last night for the Super Bowl but we didn't get to make the Dumplings so he offered to come back over tonight and make supper for us)

Tuesday:  Chicken Alfredo Florentine Casserole with rolls and green beans

Wednesday:  Russian Dump Chicken over rice and steamed veggies  (we didn't get to eat this Sunday since we had Party Foods)

Thursday:  New England Fish Chowder and rolls

Friday:  Taco Soup (leftover from the Super Bowl)

Saturday:  Lunch: Chicken Salad sandwiches, fruit and Quaker Snacks (Special Assembly Day)
Supper:  Apricot Dump Chicken (Crock Pot) over rice and veggies

Sunday:  Lunch:  Pork Empanadas
Supper:  Pepperoni Pizza

Hope you have a great week!  Visit I'm An Organizing Junkie to view more Meal Plans!



Colie's Kitchen said...

Yummy it looks like you will be eating well this week. Thank you for sharing!! Nicole

LilyBelleMommy said...

I know you don't really know me but I've been "following" your blog for a while now and you have some great stuff on there. I too made some "dump" chicken. I was wondering after you make it can you post about how it came out in the crock pot? I want to try that too I'm a busy busy fulltime working mom and going to school and the crockpot is my life saver. But I don't know how the dump chicken would do in the crock pot? Are you going to thaw it all the way or just put it in the fridge overnight?

Candi said...

Hi - Yes, I totally will! In fact, we ate it last night and I took pictures and will upload them tonight when the kid's go to bed. The Russian Chicken was really good. I was sort of surprised since my husband doesn't like Russian (Catalina) dressing, but he really liked it too!


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